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About Us

The Lord called two best friends, Charity Johnson and Sonya Whiteman, to start Christian Hub, LLC early February 2016, and it became an entity by May 20 of that year.  Christian Hub is a for-profit boutique located in the developing area of downtown Elkhart, Indiana.


The vision is quite large; therefore, it is unfolding in stages.  The first stage is to establish a stream of income for the larger vision; thus the boutique of Christian Hub was born.  


Christian Hub boutique opened August 9, 2016, and we celebrated with many friends, family, and colleagues during our grand opening on September 17 at 524 S. Main Street, Elkhart, Indiana. 


As we reflected on our first year, we noticed that we started out very small, as we barely had one item on each shelf.  We noticed that one of our in-house vendors had grown substantially; from 13 T-shirts and 34 caps to several shelves and two clothing racks, plus. 


Our intention was to complement Family Christian Store (FCS) and not compete with them.  Totally unaware to us, the Lord was preparing us, and in May of 2017, one year after we were created, Family Christian Stores closed nationwide; therefore, we became the only non-church-owned Christian gifts store in Elkhart.


Even though we are not a bookshop as Family Christian Stores were, we do carry some books and Bibles.  Our heart believes everyone that desires the Word of God should have a Bible; therefore, we try to keep used Bibles on hand to give to people that do not have one.  The Lord has blessed us with enough used Bibles, within our first year, that we were able to hand out approximately 60 plus Bibles to those in need of them.  We praise God for such a wonderful opportunity to team up with other Christians and bless people with God's word!


The Lord faithfully sent four different outreach ministries through our doors!  In being a blessing one to another, we all were able to continue to minister to the homeless and those in need by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! (Details at "Giving Back" tab).  This was the beginning of our Give- Back campaign.  


Now, in our second year, we are completely full and occasionally think we need more room.  We praise God for the growth! We also are thankful for our in-store vendors (currently 12), some of which are growing right alongside us.  


Since the closing of the FCS, customers began asking where to purchase the products FCS carried.  We offer custom orders on some items and take catalog orders for items we might not have in the store.  We now (2018) are so excited to share with you that God has blessed us to carry gifts for the entire family.  Our shop is set up in sections for Men, Women, Children, Teens, Ministers, & Church (Babies coming soon).   We are consistently increasing our product line within these areas. 


Please keep updated on our Facebook page (Christian Hub Elkhart) and our Blogs.  


To God be all the Glory and Honor!

Follow us on Facebook and check out our blogs for updates as we continue to grow for the Kingdom of God.  We invite you and your family to come and check us out soon!  

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