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Giving Campaigns

Christian Hub...joining and partnering with other Christians that have like minded visions, to edify and empower the less fortunate of our city. 

Our vision is much more than a store.  We absolutely have to give God glory for bringing like-minded Christians together!    


First, there is nothing more valuable than the living Word of God!  We desire to keep used Bibles on hand to give to people who do not have one.  The Lord sent to us others who wished to share the same and we have given out (as of 2018) close to 150 Bibles--Praise God!


Because of the kindness of other Christian's, we have been able to GIVE out hats, gloves, scarves and Mylar blankets to people that came into the store that didn't have them.  


The Lord continues to send through our doors outreach ministry teams.  Christian Hub teams up with these kinds of ministries and gives them small tracts and reminds them we have used Bibles on hand for people who have not. Therefore, we were able to reach people we ourselves couldn't reach. 


Another campaign we do on a monthly basis: "Be the Change  You Wish to See in Our Community" (Christian Hub's outreach ministry fund).  When our customers purchase something from Christian Hub Boutique, they have the opportunity to round their change to the nearest dollar (or more) into a collection container.  (Monthly updates will be in Blogs)


Therefore, we shall have our eyes and ears open to hear what people are doing within our community.  And we prayerfully consider those we know of each month. 


Another person has teamed up with us (2018) who has a heart for our community.  He is a vendor who decided he would take a lesser vendor percentage of the sale.  Then Christian Hub gives some of it's percentage to the Be The Change fund.  Therefore, each of his t-shirts sales gives $6 to that months "Be the Change" roundup.  Praise God for the team effort! 


We truly hope and pray that others will partner with us to bless these ministries as they are chosen!  All Christians are blessed to be a blessing.


Since we believe in blessing the leaders in the Christian community, we started a Pastor's Appreciation Drawing.  Therefore, in the whole month of October (minister appreciation month), when patrons purchase something for their ministers or pastors, they can enter them into a drawing to win something from Christian Hub.  We hold the drawing on November 1 of each year. The winner will be contacted to come into the shop and receive their gift. 


As of 2018, we are in the process of developing fundraisers.  Very excited to help ministries with fundraising opportunities!  


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